Rai Financial is a Minority Veteran owned company rooted in the E-Commerce, Fintech, Credit and Finance space. We specializes in assisting individuals and businesses with less then perfect credit purchase products and supplies while helping them establishing positive credit through our CreditFacts or BusinessFacts accounts.

People Helping People.

Families Helping Families.

What We Offer

With great pride we strive to deliver to you quality branded products and supplies that fit the need for your home or office. Our staff have diligently searched far and wide and have partnered up with many local US based vendors to bring you the best quality and speedy shipping you deserve.

Our Services

RAI Financial is a leader in online shopping and consumer financing. Our CreditFacts Revolving Credit Account or BusinessFacts Net30 Account is setup to help the individual or business establish positive credit while shopping online at our exclusive store. Once you are approved you join the many members who enjoy the multiple benefits and simple online shopping experience. All of the vendors we work with are based in the USA and are held to a higher standard. Regardless of whatever your need is you can rest assure that RAI Financial has you covered.

We Understand

We Are Here to Help

When we say we understand we truly do, As a minority and veteran owned company we know the struggles one goes through when trying to get essential things like furniture, computers and simple office supplies but lack the credit to get fair financing terms. Therefore we created Rai Financial, this company and its purpose is to help and build up each person and their companies to not just get by but to have abundance. Rai Financial CreditFacts or BusinessFacts credit accounts can do just that.

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What We Don’t Do

Rai Financial is NOT a credit repair company, we do not under any circumstances engage in credit repair, repairing of credit, dispute errors on credit reports. We are strictly an Online Shopping company who offers alternative financing for personal and business use. Our unsecured and Net30 credit lines report to the major credit bureaus each month. We cannot change your credit score, as there are many different factors that come into play with your credit score. Customers who take responsibility by paying their credit obligations have reported significant increases in their credit for both personal and business.


Proud and ready to serve

As a veteran owned company we bring strong work ethic and solid reliability to the people we serve and ultimately see as family. We strive to assist everyone, both the individual and their businesses. We look forward to earning your trust while making a positive impact for you personally, and for your family.


By electing to receive online e-Statements, you agree to receive and access your monthly periodic billing statement electronically. You will receive an email from us notifying you when your current RAI Financial Account statement is available. To view your billing statement you must click on the link in the email notification or sign in at to access, view or print your statement. We reserve the right to send you paper statements at our discretion, even if you have given us consent to provide your statements electronically. If the email address you have provided to us is not deliverable, you will receive paper statements until the time you provide us a new valid email address. Once you have provided a new email address, you will begin to receive e-Statements.

You will continue to receive e-Statements other than in the two situations described above. If you wish to change your preference to not receive e-Statements and instead to receive paper statements, you must sign in at to change your preference from e-Statement delivery to paper statements. You may opt to change your preference at any time.

Communications may be sent to your email address provided to us by you. Communications may include your name and information about your Credit Account, including your balance or the due date. Electronic communications may be disclosed to any party with access to your Credit Account or email account. All communications in either electronic or paper format from us to you will be considered “in writing.”

By accepting e-statements, you agree to:
• Receive this information electronically, access and retain any disclosures received. To do this you will need a desktop or laptop personal computer with a minimum web browser that supports 128 bit encryption.
• Have ability to receive and read email.
• Receive statements electronically and confirm that you will download or print the statements for your records, acknowledge that you can access information that is provided electronically at this website.
• Acknowledge that you are providing your consent to receive electronic communications pursuant to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act and our intent that this statute applies to the fullest extent possible.

Important Notice: You understand that the information you have elected to receive is confidential in nature. We are not responsible for unauthorized access by third parties to information and/or communications provided electronically or any damages caused by unauthorized access. We are not responsible for delays in the transmission of any information. We are not responsible for any computer virus or related problems.

If your email address changes, you are required to notify us. You have the option to receive any information provided electronically in paper form. To receive specific information in paper form, or to notify us of a change in your email address, contact us at You may also write us at RAI FINANCIAL LLC, 1340 Teaneck Road, Floor 2, Teaneck, NJ 07666.

Additional Mobile Technology Requirements: If you are accessing our site and the disclosures electronically via a mobile device (such as a smartphone, tablet, and the like), in addition to the above requirements you must make sure that you have software on your mobile device that allows you to print and save the statements presented to you. These applications can be found for most mobile devices in the device’s respective “app store.” If you do not have these capabilities on your mobile device, please access our site through a device that provides these capabilities.

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